Replacing windows in old houses

Two Quick and Easy Tint Removal Methods

Whether it’s for legal or aesthetic reasons, sometimes the tint just has to come off. This may seem like a daunting task, but tints are just as easily removed as they are employed: The Steamer Method Steamer application is the more expensive of the two choices, but is undeniably the most efficient. One fabric steamer […]

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Window Treatments: 4 Styles to Beautify Windows Instantly

Not only are window dressings necessary to control the level of light and privacy, but they are also great for introducing textures, patterns and colours to bring aesthetical appeal to the room. Decorative patterns soften the hard window edges to infuse levity and design into the room. Here are some styles available to beautify your […]

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Choosing Magnetic Fly Screens: The Mesh Factors

The popularity of magnetic fly screens has risen in the last few years because of the distinctive benefits attached to installing the products. These include their aesthetics, effectiveness, flexibility and ability to fit in with most window types. It is vital to choose the right magnetic product to ensure that it will provide long-term service. […]

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4 Simple and Affordable Tips for Protecting Your Commercial Building

When you own a commercial building of any sort, you want to ensure that you keep it protected from break-ins and vandalism of all sorts. While this is important, you may not want to spend beyond your means on protecting your building’s exterior with an elaborate security system. There are a few simple and affordable […]

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The 3 Advantages of Solid Timber Doors for Homes

When you’re having a new home built or need to replace the exterior doors of your home, you may want to consider a solid timber door. While each type of material used for an exterior door may have its own advantages, solid timber is often a favorite for homeowners for several reasons. Consider a few […]

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